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About Digital Imaging

How do I get started?

Reading and understanding this self-publishing guide is an excellent first step. The next step is to contact us with the specifications of your publishing project. Email is the preferred method of communication. For those who need to call, our voicemail system is available at +1 239 430 6281. After the initial greeting, you will be presented with the following options:

Orders (press 1) Once your pieces are ready for printing, leave a message here describing your order. An email with your recorded message attached is sent to orders@GandHprinting.com. You can also send an email directly to this address. All orders are followed up with a detailed estimate. We will not complete an order that does not have an approved estimate.

Information (press 2) This option has sub-menus with driving directions to our physical address, our hours of operation, and a way to return to the main menu.

Voicemail (press 3) This is where to request information not related to an order. An email with your recorded message attached is sent to info@GandHprinting.com. Again, you may also send an email directly to this address. You should use this option when requesting an appointment.

Emergency (press 4) This option is only for those needing to speak with us directly in an emergency.

Occasionally we experience power outages which interrupt our voicemail system. In the event of a power outage, a backup voicemail system is activated. If the preceding options are not available when you call, please leave your message with the backup system and we will return your call promptly. You may continue to email us at any time. For those without access to email, we can receive orders and send estimates via fax +1 239 430 6282.

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